About Us

Sheepfish is a creative marketing and advertising agency focused on elevating the brands’ image through the innovative use of a cross channel 360-communication system. Creativity is the core of the Sheepfish mentality. Creating new species means deconstructing and taking elements from the foundations and the main DNA of the brand and redefining them at their finest form through an entrepreneurial approach. Our recipe for success concentrates in customizing branding packages in the phygital and digital landscape according to the needs and the genetic code of each brand and its consumer engagement. We focus on the quality of the engagement, generating ideas that incarnate distinctly the voice of our clients. We are always one step ahead, ensuring that we provide them with the latest technological innovations.

Creative Strategy

With an eye for innovative ideas, we prioritize creativity as our main strategic tool by incorporating both creative and technical features. We are not just building relationships; we are creating bonds that bring together the brands with the consumers in an interacting yin and yang ecosystem.


Taking care of the full circle of the design process, we rebuild brands from the bottom to the top. We believe that strong, structured, and accessible digital platforms are fundamental steppingstones for the evolution of the brand’s vision.

Digital Campaigns

Adapting our ideas to the endless possibilities of the digital world, we generate 360 campaigns that embody the brand’s vision, background, and uniqueness. Targeting, cross channel communication and design are our key priorities. We make our brands irresistible and essential.

Content Marketing

Providing original content, accurately customized, that showcases the brand’s voice and its diversity from the norm. Our goal is to create memorable and unforgettable brand experiences.

280 Kifisias Ave. & 3 Agriniou Str.
15232 Chalandri, Greece
+30-211-800-2225 info(at)sheepfish.gr